Toru Namekawa Residency Launch

We are very pleased to announce the first Toru Namekawa residency.
• 24-hour access to 250 square foot studio for 3 months
• £500 cash stipend (guaranteed minimum)
• Technical/critical support from studionAme members & Dr Hammam Aldouri
• Solo show
Meinichi, is the anniversary day marking a loved ones passing. In Japan this day is marked on the first, third, seventh, 13th, 17th, 23rd, 27th and 33rd year, respectively.
It gives us great honour to announce that studionAme has founded an artist residency to both celebrate and carry the name of Toru Namekawa, beyond the 33rd year anniversary of his passing.
The Application Process
Part performance, part audience participation, part bureaucratic happening completely democratic.
The selection process will be made purely on the merits of the proposal as their will only be a number and no name attached to the application form.
• Artist’s must NOT write their names on the application form. Writing your name on the application form will void your application and forfeit your £1 application fee.
• Applications can only be made at studionAme in person, beginning on the 17th of November at 6pm and finishing at 9pm.
• The artist(s) does not have to be there in person, someone else can fill the form in for them.
• Applications must be made on the form provided.
• Applications cost £1 but all applications fees will be added on to the guaranteed stipend of £500
• Artists can submit as many applications as they want.
• Upon writing an application the artist will receive a numbered ticket and the corresponding ticket will be attached to their application and placed in an anonymous box.
• The contents of the box will be examined throughout the night by a blind jury.
• The winning artist with the best proposal for the residency will be announced at 9pm
Criteria for the chosen artist(s)
The winning applicant(s) will be required to sign an agreement of completion with studionAme.
The winning applicant must be able to fulfil the residency by being present in the studio on a regular basis and completing their proposal in order to receive the stipend and solo show.
The stipend will be paid in 3 instalments of £150 at the beginning of each month for the first 2 instalments and £200 as the final payment.
The solo show can take the form of an artist’s talk or similar event that is most appropriate to the work created.