Youkobo Arts Research Residency 2019 – Awarded Artist Announced

Having passed our shortlisted selection of 6 artists and writers over to Youkobo Arts to make the final decision, they awarded the research residency to Yang Chen (Leicester University, Museum Studies PhD).

Jikken Kōbō (JK) as a Japanese avant-garde collective emerged during the second wave of the Japanese avant-garde movement in the post-war period and was active from 1951 to 1958 in Tokyo. Yang aims to consider, to what extent Jikken Kōbō’s experimental presentations deterritorialised the institutional exhibition form in 1950s Japan.  In addition, Yang also wishes to discuss its international contributions.

We are delighted to award this first Japanese residency to Yang Chen and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Benedict Carpenter of De Montfort University Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities in helping to compile the shortlisted applicants and support this endeavour with his time.

Flights, Accommodation and stipend will be provided to the winning applicant.