Youkobo Arts Residency

Youkobo Arts – 2 month research residency (NOW CLOSED FOR 2019)

We are very pleased to announce that Yang Chen Phd student from Leicester University, has been selected for this 2 month research residency.

Yang Chen meeting with our first residency artists Masaya Eguchi and studionAme Director – Yuka Namekawa.

We are also delighted to announce the selection of Artist Akira Ishiguro for the Youkobo – studionAme residency in 2019. Akira will join studionAme between September and November 2019.

Visit to see his work



September – October 2019/ Tokyo – Japan

StudionAme is collaborating with Youkobo Arts in Tokyo to establish a “Micro Residency” as part of our Toru Namekawa residency programme.


Youkobo Arts Micro Residency provides a platform for artists, curators and thinkers to experiment with bold ideas, explore connections, learn new skills, and build collaborations with colleagues, communities and institutions from different cultures.  Through the creation of this collaboration, studioname will build economic, cultural and creative links between the UK and Japan. 

As part of an annual partnership with Youkobo Arts and De Montfort University Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities, studioname is offering a two-month residency at Youkobo Arts/ Tokyo/ Japan from October – November 2019.





What does this mean?

Each year, one artist, curator or art historian connected to Leicester will be selected to spend 2 months living and working in Tokyo. The first residency position will be a research only residency, affording the awarded individual 2 months of pure research time.

In return studioname will be accepting one artist per annum, through Youkobo Arts recommendation and giving them a studio, accommodation and solo show. De Montfort University Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities will be collaborating throughout this process by providing access to their facilities and together with the Attenborough Arts Centre, providing time and space for talks and presentations to students and members of the general public.


Who can apply?

  • Artists who currently have a studio at StudionAme, 2 Queens or Knighton Lane.
  • Students from the De Montfort University Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities completing their BA or MA or PhD  in 2019.
  • Students from University of Leicester School of Museum Studies completing their BA or MA in 2019


What will you receive?

  • Return flight tickets
  • Full accommodation at Youkobo arts
  • Critical and logistical support throughout the process.

You will be expected to cover your own personal costs while in Japan including travel and health insurance.


What will be required from you:

To spend two months carrying out your research proposal and upon returning to Leicester, to give 3 talks about your residency and your research.

  • 1 for DMU students
  • 1 for AAC visitors/ the general public
  • 1 for local artists/ academics.

There will be funding available for the delivery of these talks.


The selection process.

Download the application form from the link below (“Youkobo Arts residency”)

Hand written applications will not be accepted and your research proposal should include reference to:

  • Please describe how 2 months at Youkobe Arts Tokyo will benefit both your own practice/career and help build cultural and creative links between the UK and Japan as part of this “Micro Residency”.
  • How will this residency allow you to build upon or develop your current work and what do you plan on doing with your research, once you return to the UK

Applicants must submit:

  • The completed application form
  • A CV detailing recent projects, exhibitions, workshops and residencies
  • At least 10 high-quality images of your previous projects or exhibitions, which could include unrealised proposals


Return these application documents to no later than the 25thJuly 2018 as PDF files. Skype interviews will take place between the 25th and 30th of July. The awarded Applicant will be notified by the end of August 2018.


The first round selection will be made by Steven Allbutt, Yuka Namekawa (StudionAme) & Benedict Carpenter (De Montfort University Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities). Once the panel has met and possibly interviewed (via Skype) prospective candidates, the final 6 will then be recommended to Youkobo arts who will make the final choice.

Please visit Youkobo Arts HERE to find out more about them.